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T-Shirt Quilts, Custom Quilts

Our expertise in creating unique, handcrafted t-shirt quilts turns your treasured shirts into a cozy, memorable masterpiece. Perfect for Quad Cities locals or anyone looking to celebrate their journey, each quilt we craft is a patchwork of personal stories, stitched with unmatched care and attention to detail. From concerts to marathons, our t-shirt quilts are a tangible way to preserve your special moments.

T-Shirt Quilts Quad Cities Two Grammas.png

In addition to t-shirt quilts, our Buffalo, Iowa-based shop excels in custom quilts. Tailoring to your individual preferences, we offer an array of design options, from fabric selection to pattern arrangement, ensuring your custom quilt reflects your unique style. At the heart of Buffalo, Iowa, our quilting services transform your vision into a beautiful, handcrafted quilt, making every piece a personal keepsake. Here, each quilt is more than just a blanket; it's a woven celebration of your stories, a warm reminder of the moments you cherish.


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